Atelier Tammam is dedicated to ensuring everything we create and promote is truly sustainable, we ensure any brands we sell via the boutique are of the highest quality and adhere to sustainability principles.

Anything stocked in the boutique must be;
- Independent
- Sustainable
- Cruelty free / animal friendly
- Fair trade / Made in UK
- Able to demonstrate a clear ethical brand policy

Boutique Ethos Image

The store has been renovated using the best eco friendly, hand crafted and vintage products.

- Paint from Earthborn
- Wallpaper illustration by K.Birdy
- Wallpaper printed by Murals
- Rails by Iron Mill and Hunter and Hyland
- Floors by Bamboo Flooring Company
- Lights by Plumen

Our clear aim at Atelier Tammam is to ensure our customers have clothes they love and will keep wearing. Visit us for the ultimate slow fashion experience.